Mike Lowell had been all but left for dead in Miami. At 31 years old in 2005, Lowell’s average dipped down to .236 and he failed to reach double digit home runs for the first time in his career. He was finished. And then he found the Green Monster.

Eduardo Nunez was far from finished when the Red Sox traded for him earlier this month, but he was quickly becoming a forgotten entity. He was coming off his first All Star game appearance in 2016, hit just south of .300 with the Minnesota Twins through 91 games before being shipped off to a disaster of a San Francisco Giants team. Fresh into his 30’s like Lowell, he was stranded on a sinking ship and was going down with them

Nunez hit only eight home runs in 484 at bats with the Giants. He hit four in his first 42 at bats in Boston. In his career, he had hit a home run every 56.7 plate appearances, now that clips sits at once every 20 PA.

nunez spray chart

Lowell also saw a resurgence of power numbers thanks to his move to Boston. He hit 75 home runs in his first four years, after only hitting eight in his last season with the Marlins. As a notorious pull hitter and especially slow, his extra base numbers could have been even better had the monster not held him to so many long singles.

Nunez has racked up 28 hits in 73 at bats for the Red Sox, with 10 of them going for extra bases. He is hitting .323 between San Francisco and Boston this season. Hot streaks don’t last that long. Much like Lowell, Nunez was always a good hitter. Now thanks to a friendly ballpark, he has the chance to go down as a great one.

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