Episode two of Hard Knocks with the Buccaneers offered some insight into how the culture in Tampa Bay is transforming under second-year head coach Dirk Koetter. Here are my biggest takeaways from Tuesday’s episode:

Jameis Winston is either a leader or misleading

I am always hesitant to label or buy into a player’s character based on a documentary series for several reasons. For one, they know the camera is there. And two, the editing process most always is intended to paint the league’s stars in a favorable light. With that said, Jameis Winston has been known for his locker room presence dating back to the “You Scrong?” pregame speeches at Florida State. I also know this: Winston wants to be liked and knows how to be likable. I do buy that he loves his teammates. I do buy that what he lacks in accuracy and ball placement, he makes up for in the energy he gives his football team. However, I’m not buying into the fact he is the only guy in the weight room listening to motivational speakers before the sun comes up. Not without a camera around anyways.

Quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian offered some of the most useless advice of all time

In preaching to his Quarterbacks the value of momentum, coach Mike Bajakian offered some electric advice on how to grab some:

“Getting completions and making sure our body language is infectious.”

So the next time your team is down 45, just remember what coach Mike said. Now stop slumping those shoulders and go out there and be somebody!

The good cop bad cop routine to cut a Kicker was extra

From what little access NFL teams have given us to the cutting process over the years, it seems relatively drama free: Player walks in, coach thanks him for service, “We’re releasing you,” handshake, now go clean out your locker. I understand General Manager Jason Licht wanted to be there to cut Robert Aguayo since he traded up to get the kicker in the second round, but the meeting went 10 minutes too long. Shoutout to coach Koetter for recognizing the situation was getting sloppy and stepping in to basically tell the kid, “You just don’t make enough kicks.”

Miko Grimes definitely proposed to her husband

Cornerback Brent Grimes’ face, when his wife Miko was describing how she likes to stay in the same hotels as him on the road, was the best thing on television all year. I love the idea of a 34-year-old veteran defensive back getting absolutely ran by his own wife. The same wife who is the reason Brent had to leave Miami after she wouldn’t stop tweeting about how much Ryan Tannehill sucked. Hell of a corner though.

Why does Ryan Fitzpatrick still play football?

I honestly did not know Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing in Tampa until this episode. The man has a degree from Harvard, the highest Wonderlic score in NFL history, and as far as we know doesn’t have CTE yet. So why is he back playing his 13th season? Go contribute to society and preserve your brain.

I want a Gerald McCoy

I’m not even talking about him in a football sense. Like, it would be cool to have him on my team but I just want one of him as a friend.

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