Former University of Texas quarterback Chris Simms made waves last Thursday when he revealed he regularly received illegal payments while in college. Speaking on The Dan Patrick show, Simms said he received 100 dollar handshakes from athletic boosters “all the time.”

The story made its way to ESPN radio’s Dan Le Batard Show on Monday, where Le Batard one-upped the tale told by Simms:

“I know a player, who was given by a Saudi Prince booster, a suitcase full of watches… and he didn’t know what the watches were worth. So he just started giving them out to friends because he had a suitcase of them, and each of the watches were worth tens of thousands of dollars.”

Impermissible benefits are hardly a new concept in the world of shamateur athletics. However, the notion that Saudi royalty would have enough of an interest in college football to give gifts to players is startling.

Since Simms played at Texas from 1999-2002, it’s hard to imagine what those “100 dollar handshakes” look like today with the natural curve of inflation and increased revenue in college sports.

Le Batard did not go into detail as to what time period or where this duffle bag deal took place so I’m unofficially reporting it here that it was either Miami or Ole Miss.

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