Long before the suits, the cars, and the jewelry, Conor McGregor made a name for himself by fighting anybody, anywhere.

It started with taking Chad Mendes on short notice for the interim featherweight title. After dropping Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, he agreed to fight Nate Diaz at 170 pounds- a 25-pound jump in three months. Following the Diaz rematch, it was presumed he would go back to 145 pounds to defend his title however he jumped ship once again to claim the lightweight belt as well. The first two belt holder in UFC history had dreamt bigger, talked bigger, and fought better than anyone en route to the top of the industry. At 28 years old he had done pretty much everything one could do in an octagon. So he found a new ring.

Super fights such as Pacquiao/Mayweather and now Mayweather/Mcgregor often rub me the wrong way. Two independent contractors, guaranteed hundreds of millions as long as they step foot in the ring, leaves little incentive for an actual fight. If you could preserve your brain and walk away rich enough to never have to work again, you would too. But this time is different. This isn’t a boxer in Conor Mcgregor. He was molded by the need to fight, not the desire to.

Mcgregor’s camp has said Conor’s philosophy in the fight game has always been, “Get in, get rich, get out.” This is that chance to walk away, as beautiful and young as ever but he must fight. If he does a 100 million dollar dance around the ring with Floyd Mayweather, the people won’t remember him as the bare knuckle Irish brawler that he actually is- he’ll be remembered as the guy who talked his way into the heist of the century. I want to see a fight and win or lose, this is the guy who can give it to me.

So on behalf of myself and the 100 dollars I will spend on 12, three-minute rounds tonight, I say this: You have been paid sir, now it is time to pay us.

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